Shirt - New Look
Bomber - Ebay.co.uk
Cut Out Boots - Simmishoes.co.uk
Bodycon skirt - H&M

Guess who is back? *raises hand* so today me and my friend went out to the city today to visit some art galleries as part of our initial artist research for our exam work, it was.... [insert arty farty words here].

This is potentially the only pink piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe to date, when I was younger I used to be absolutely obsessed with pink, my room was all pink everything, then I grew up; but instead I 'grew up' to the point where I had hardly anything pink in my wardrobe, then I bought this shirt ha! I think I like the best of both worlds, to wear something with a tomboy feel but to then always give it that girly edge. This bomber is literally so comfy, feels like I'm permanently wrapped up in my duvet, love it love it love it. Anyway so below is just a few snaps from today

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