(excuse my chipped nail varnish)

Dress - New look
Blazer - H&M
Brogues - Primark
Rings - H&M, Ebay, Primark (mixture)

Is it still to late to wish everyone a happy new year?! Yes I disappeared, yes yes yes I just didn't want to force a blogpost without my heart and soul in it blah blah blah. Moving on from my sob story, just how nice is this white blazer I bagged from H&M? I just love it, although it was so hard not to get it dirty. Finding a formal/appropriate outfit for a family event is always the hardest in my eyes. You don't wanna dress like you're going clubbing, you don't wanna dress like you just woke up.
' I had a great opportunity to shoot at an family event and it just made me fall in love with shooting and blogging all over again. So although my life is getting that extra bit busier everyday I've made a pledge to improve my blogging skills this year, enhancing my talents and all that. 
You'll be seeing more of me now... I promise.

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