Ok so... hi! Yeah I kind of disappeared for a good 2 months, can't really apologise because I've just been so busy in general. There's been so many times where I wanted to do a post but my full heart and soul wasn't in it. But hey enough about me let me just get straight into it. I've decided to start doing a music post at every end of the month telling you guys what I am currently blasting on repeat through my speakers.

As you guessed, I chose Beyonce! 14 new songs, and 17 music videos all on one album, all released in secret. Tell me that's not an amazing selling tactic. Doing something that other artists have basically failed to do. I chose Beyonce for the solid reason that I'm not really a big fan of her music so when she released this album I just decided to check out what all the hype was about and I wasn't disappointed whatsoever. Below is my absolute favorite from her album: Beyonce - Mine ft. Drake

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